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chanter n : reed pipe with finger holes on which the melody is played [syn: melody pipe]

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-er chant



  1. A person, such as a chorister who chants
  2. The pipe of a bagpipe on which the melody is played
  3. A priest who sings in a chantry


a person, such as a chorister who chants
  • Hungarian: karénekes, kántor
the pipe of a bagpipe
  • Hungarian: szólamsíp
a priest who sings in a chantry



  • lang=fr|/ʃɑ̃.te/
  • SAMPA: /SA~.te/


  1. to sing




cantar chantar
  1. defn Occitan

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This article is on the bagpipe part; for the musical office, see Cantor.
The chanter is the part of the bagpipe upon which the player creates the melody. It consists of a number of finger-holes, and in its simpler forms looks similar to a recorder. On more elaborate bagpipes, such as the Northumbrian bagpipes or the Uilleann pipes, it also may have a number of keys, to increase the instrument's range and/or the number of keys (in the modal sense) it can play in. Like the rest of the bagpipe, they are often decorated with a variety of substances, including metal (silver/nickel/gold/brass), bone, ivory, or plastic mountings.
Chanters come in two main divisions, parallel and non-parallel bored (although there is no clear dividing line between the two). This refers to the shape of the internal bore of the chanter. On the Great Highland Bagpipe, the internal bore is conical: it is this that gives the chanter its exceptional volume. The Northumbrian pipes, on the other hand, have a parallel bore, giving them a much sweeter and quieter tone.
The practice chanter is used as a practice instrument for the Great Highland Bagpipe. It is somewhat similar in appearance, though slightly smaller than the bagpipe chanter, and has a top piece so it can be blown directly from the mouth. It is also used as a first instrument so that learners do not initially have to master the mechanics of controlling the bag. It is typically made of a hard wood or plastic, plastic being the more common choice nowadays, mainly due to the cheaper price.

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